15 July, 2016

A Sunday Stroll Through Hildesheim

The weather here in Hildesheim is cold and gray today, so to escape the gloom I'm going to take a journey back to Sunday afternoon when the weather was beautiful. After a lazy Sunday morning and some lunch, Maxim and I had coffee and cake at Black Apron (my favorite cafe) and then we went for a scenic walk through a part of downtown Hildesheim that I'd never seen before.

Hildesheim, like many other German cities (and as I've written about before) was mostly destroyed during World War II, so many of the buildings are relatively new, despite Germany having a long history. The neighborhood we walked through, however, seems to have been largely untouched by the destruction (either that or it was very accurately rebuilt, I can't seem to find out). As a result, the buildings all have that typically German look and feel that I love.

We started our walk atop the Kehrwiederwall, a "wall" of earth running through much of the city. This gave us a nice view of the St. Godehard church and a somewhat more shrouded view of a surprising addition to the neighborhood.

The St. Godehard church seen from the back as we walked along the Kehrwiederwall.

This is the back of the "surprising" building. Can you tell what it is yet?

As we came down from the wall and back to the street, this cute little house greeted us. Isn't it just adorable? I promise you, adorable architecture is going to be a trend in this post.

And finally we got to the front of the "surprising" building, or rather set of buildings. Take a look at the following picture, there are a few key clues that might tell you what it is.

Did you guess prison? If you did, you would be right. You can just barely see the fence and barbed wire around the tall stone building in the middle of the picture and the bars on the windows of the white building in the background. It still baffles me that a prison could be so beautiful, but I guess Germany just does incarceration differently (but that's a topic for another post).

Just past the prison we came across the St. Godehard church from the front and boy, is it majestic!

After taking in the gorgeousness of the church, we wound our way through the small surrounding streets and I just couldn't keep my hands away from my camera (aka cell phone). I ran my battery down to 1% snapping pictures of everything I saw, but it was worth it!

This monument sits on the spot where the synogogue Am Lappenberg used to be. It commemorates the destruction of the synagogue during the Kristallnacht in 1938 (source). Photo taken by Maxim.

Photo credit goes to Maxim for this one.

I love all the different colored doors in this picture.
I had a wonderful time walking around these cozy, picturesque streets and an equally wonderful time writing this post about it. It's been a while since I last blogged (an entire month!) and it's so nice to finally have the energy and drive to blog again.

I haven't shared all of my recent melancholy on the blog (apart from this post about negativity), but a quick summary of at least part of why I've been away from blogging is that I've been frustrated by my life in Hildesheim. I had an emotionally difficult semester filled with stress and devoid of motivation, Maxim was far away, and I spent more time alone than is generally advisable or healthy. But this lovely afternoon walk reminded me that living in Hildesheim, even though I've grown tired of it, isn't all bad. There are beautiful corners in this little city that are very enjoyable, and I should try not to focus on the negative or forget about what Hildesheim has to offer while I'm here. It turns out that leaving the home-university bubble and exploring can actually lead to positive experiences. Imagine that!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm still in the middle of final exams right now and won't be finished for another few weeks, so I can't guarantee that I will go back to posting regularly right away. But I do have much more blogging energy these days and I have tons of new ideas for posts, so sooner or later you will be hearing more from me. Coming soon is another post full of beautiful photos, this time of Braunschweig, a city near Hildesheim where I recently spent the day. Stay tuned!

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