26 October, 2015

Another New Home

As some of you may already know, I moved into my new one-room "apartment" at the beginning of this month (and have since completely neglected to write about it!). The apartment is actually a room in a student dorm like I had last semester, but it has everything I need contained in one space so I'm calling it an apartment. I'm so thrilled that I found this place, because here I finally have what I was missing last semester: my own kitchen! Now I don't have to clean up after other people, no one else will use my dishes or utensils, and best of all I can cook in peace without worrying about being interrupted or having to share the stove.

It's already been several weeks since I moved in, so my room had settled into a fairly consistent state of disarray, but I cleaned up today so that I could finally take pictures and show off my new place!

The view from just inside the door.

From here you can see the kitchenette. It's TINY but I love it!

Facing the door with my back to the windows. Just to the left of the stove you can see the door to the bathroom.

The view from my bed.

And finally, the best view of the bathroom I could manage.
It's nothing fancy, and it's more expensive than my room last semester, but it's bigger and better and that's what counts! If you read my post about my previous room you'll immediately notice that this room is considerably bigger, which was one of the huge selling points for me. The higher rent is certainly a drawback, as are the extra costs for furniture and internet, but so far the pros outweigh the cons.

View out the back door.

The patio
A decision I made when choosing my room to keep the rent costs within manageable limits was to choose a room on the ground floor (American first floor). The rooms on the ground floor are slightly cheaper, which I found a bit perplexing. The explanation was that the rooms on the ground floor don't have balconies, but instead I get a brick patio, which is actually bigger than a balcony. Whatever the reason for the cheaper rent, I'm certainly not complaining. The reduction in rent ended up "paying" for the cost of renting the furniture.

And last but certainly not least, this room came with an amazing and completely unexpected bonus: the girl who just moved out of this room gave me her old bike for free! When she first offered it to me I almost didn't believe it, but it's true, I now have a free bike! The tires were deflated when I got it and the lights for nighttime cycling are broken, but those are just minor details. Since acquiring the bike I've pumped up the tires, and last week I started riding my new bike to the university, which only takes about five minutes.

It's going to be nice to finally have a place that's completely mine, kitchen and all. I'm already enjoying it a lot and I feel much more comfortable here than I did in my last dorm. Having my own space that I can retreat to and relax in is going to come in handy during the busy semester I have ahead of me.

And now, speaking of a busy semester, it's time to start my translation assignment. Hopefully I won't go an entire month without a blog post again, but no guarantees!


  1. That's great that you have a better living space now. I can't wait to see it in December!! :D

  2. Looks like such a cozy space! A home definitely does not have to be big to be wonderful :)

    Rae of Love from Berlin

    1. I agree! So far I love the size. I think a bigger apartment might be overwhelming at this point anyway.