17 March, 2019

My First Dental Cleaning in Germany

Image source: pixabay

Despite having lived in Germany for more than five years, there are still a few fairly basic things that I haven't done here yet, such as get a driver's license (not high on my list of priorities), get a haircut (very high on my list of priorities) and, up until a few weeks ago, get my teeth cleaned. Since it had been basically that entire five years since I'd had a professional dental cleaning, I finally decided to bite the bullet and have it done earlier this month.

13 December, 2018

Life Is a Rollercoaster (Especially Right Now)

Is this what my future career will look like? Working in a coffee shop? There are worse things... (Image: pixabay)

A lot has happened since my last blog post, so I guess I'll just jump right in.

25 November, 2018

Where Have I Been?

Anyone who has been paying attention will notice that there has been a distinct lack of content on my blog for some time. To be exact, my last post was published in early May of this year, more than six months ago. Whoops!

03 May, 2018

German Zombie Asparagus

Source: pixabay

When I lived in the US I never really paid much attention to asparagus. I knew it was there, and I ate it every once in a while, but it never made much of an impression on me. I was therefore somewhat astounded when I got to Germany and saw how obsessed the country is with this vegetable. Asparagus season is greeted in Germany with a level of enthusiasm that, in my opinion, is completely unjustified by what I consider to be a mediocre vegetable (German asparagus lovers, please don't hate me!).

28 April, 2018

That's So German!

Image source: pixabay

I've now lived in Germany for four and a half years, and in that time I've learned the ins and outs of German culture pretty much as well as any expat or immigrant could. As I mentioned in a previous post, many of the things about life in Germany that used to stand out to me as new and different, such as sorting trash and recycling, gruff customer service, and the weird window and door handles, have faded into the background and have become my new normal.

09 March, 2018

I'm a Master of Disaster! (and other updates)

Today I was somewhat shocked—but somehow not surprised at all—to discover that my last blog post was published more than three months ago! My last update post was even longer ago, from the end of September, and a lot has happened in those five-plus months. In this post I'll give a hopefully not-too-long recap of what has been happening in my life during that time. Really, I could just let the update slide and move on to "real" posts, but I feel like this background is relevant for a few upcoming post ideas, plus I'm sure some of you would like to know what I've been up to these days. If you haven't been keeping up with my other updates, feel free to check out my previous update post first; otherwise, let's jump right in.

26 November, 2017

How Germany Made Me More Open-Minded

Image source: pixabay

Before I came to Germany, I considered myself an open-minded person. I was accepting of people's differences, tried not to judge anyone before I got to know them, made an effort to recognize my own privilege and was generally empathetic towards other people. But when it came to one thing I was, in hindsight, not remotely open-minded: different political opinions.

24 November, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Germany!

Image source: pixabay. Aren't the little turkeys adorable?

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and once again the holiday passed without fanfare in Germany. As a primarily North American holiday it is only known here through the lens of American entertainment media and is not celebrated. Over the past few years I've struggled to figure out how to celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany. Do I go all out and cook all the Thanksgiving dishes that I know from home (minus the turkey, of course)? Do I go low-key and cook a few favorites? Or do I ignore the holiday completely and just do and eat whatever I normally would?

10 October, 2017

Weird German Wisdom (That May or May Not Be True)

Image source: pixabay.com

Despite what I said in my last post about considering a new direction for my blog, I'm back with another German culture post! This time I'll be talking about even more things that I've learned about German culture over the years that have surprised me, specifically some everyday wisdom that makes up part of the shared cultural awareness.

30 September, 2017

A Four-Part Update: Thesis, Internship, Future, Blog

Since this post doesn't have a theme, enjoy some nice German architecture with a side of geese :)

Hi everyone! I've finally written a new post! I've been trying to write this post for months, and I always seem to start with the best of intentions, become unsatisfied with what I've written and lose interest. I mentioned in my last update post in February that I was going to be writing my thesis, which partially explains my absence (although I did manage to get one post out during my thesis period, which I consider a success). But my thesis has been finished for almost two months and I still haven't managed to get any content out in that time.

There are multiple reasons for that, which also correspond with what has been going on in my life, so I'm going to break this post up into several sections to take you through some updates.